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New Moon Membership

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New Vibes | Main Office
455 South Hudson St. ~ Suite 201 ~
Denver, CO 80246


Call Our Office for Same-day Appointments ~ 720-722-3016

~ Walk-in B12 injections available ~


Credit Card Notice: Our processing company applies a 3.75% service fee to all credit card transactions.  If you choose to avoid this extra fee, please provide an alternate form of payment such as cash, check, debit with PIN, bank transfer, Venmo etc.  

Initial  Intake and Treatment:
$140  ~ 90 minutes
(First-Time Patient)
Initial treatments include a detailed intake of your health history. Treatments are then customized to your needs, and may include acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, reiki, herbal medicine, nutrition, and rehabilitative exercises. * Add-on services to acupuncture treatment are available at a discounted rate. (cupping, NRT, B12 Injections etc)

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Follow-up Treatment:

  • $85/session – single
  • $510.00 – six sessions plus a complimentary 30 minute session ($50 Savings)
  • $1,020.00 – twelve sessions, plus 2 complimentary 60 minute sessions ($170 Savings)

60 minute acupuncture treatments are customized to your needs.  Herbal medicine consultation, nutrition evaluation, cupping, and vitamin B12 injections can be added to your treatment for only $35.  

Express Acupuncture or Fire-Cupping:

  • $50/session

A 30 minute treatment that provides a relaxing and restorative experience to relieve stress, reduce pain, regulate sleep and improve digestion. 

Herbal Medicine Consultation or Nutrition Response Testing (follow-up):

  • $50/session

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is a form of muscle testing to analyze organ and body function for deficiencies or imbalance.    Then, a Designed Clinical Nutrition program, including herbal medicine and whole-food nutrition, will be provided.  Give your body the tools it needs to heal.  Visit Nutrition Response Testing for more info.

Vitamin B12 injections  – $50

Six pack of Vitamin B12 injections – $210 –  Only $35/injection. 

Vitamin B12 injections:  $50

Six pack of Vitamin B12 injections:  $210 –  Only $35/injection. 

Neural Therapy:  $85

Plant Based Nutrition Coaching:

$85 per hour.  Coaching sessions include analysis of current diet and needs.  Meal prep (custom recipes provided).  Nutritional guidance with daily meal planning and food journaling.  Yoga/exercise and meditation guidance.  

$300 per month. 1 hour coaching session per week. *Minimum 1 month required

Appointments may be made for in-person coaching or online via zoom, FaceTime, or Skype.