Whole Food Plant Based Diet

A whole food plant based diet consists of a diet rich in whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruit.  Scientific research has shown that diet plays a main role in the prevention and even reversal of most chronic health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.  Eliminating processed foods and high animal fat can help your body function at its optimal level.

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Whole Food Plant Based Recipes

We will customize meal plans with your taste and needs in mind so you can learn how to cook delicious, easy, healthy meals!

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Nutrition Labels

Learn how to read nutrition labels and more importantly understand the ingredients listed.

Food Journal

Food Journaling

Keep track of what you eat, when, how much, and how you feel after each meal.  This will allow us to monitor what fuels your body and what harms your body.


Loose Weight and Feel Great

Eliminating the processed foods and animal fat from your diet will help you loose weight, increase your energy, and improve your health and wellness!

What to Expect with our Nutrition Program

Weekly coaching sessions include one on one or group meetings where we plan out your meals for the week, discuss the nutritional value of the food you are consuming and make sure you are on track for your dietary needs.  Customized recipes and grocery lists will be provided.  

Optional hands on cooking classes are available where we spend a portion of the time preparing meals and snacks for you to take home for the week. *See Rates Page for pricing options*

Whether you are looking to convert to a Plant Based Diet or just want to improve your health and loose weight by increasing your intake of healthy plant based meals, this program is for you!

Cooking Classes Happening Now!

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Healthy eating isn’t just about what you eat, but how to prepare it.  I teach my clients how to shop and prepare healthy, budget friendly meals for the whole family!  Each month Heidi teaches a Plant Based Nutrition and Cooking Class  highlighting meal prep and various styles of cooking.  Beginners to advanced levels of cooking experience are all welcome! If a larger class isn’t your style, we offer private in home cooking classes as well, contact our office for more information.  

4 Part Cooking Series Starting Soon!

March 24 – Mediterranean Delights

Fresh, light, and healthy.  Learn how to create meals with simple plant-based ingredients that highlight traditional Greek and Italian recipes.

April 28 – Asian Done Right

Learn how to make healthy versions of your favorite take out dishes right at home in less time than it takes for delivery.

May 26 – Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate May with a healthy twist on Mexican cuisine minus the extra fat, meat & dairy.

June 23 – Explore the flavors of India

Learn how to create the deep rich flavors of India your whole family will love.  This class will be a delight for the senses.

Thanks to 5280 Magazine’s mention in the January 2019 edition, an additional class will be on February 23rd!  Located at Color Up Therapeutics new location on South Broadway.

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