“Yoga and Jordan have significantly changed my mental outlook”

“I have seen Jordan New since the beginning of May.  I knew I needed a personal /yoga fitness instructor.  I had always been in good shape with a variety of exercise types, skiing, tennis, fitness classes, weights and etc.  However in the last ten years not so much.  I was out of shape and knew it.  I didn’t look or feel physically fit.  My flexibility which had never been great was now worse.  My balance which had never been an issue was more present in my mind.  60 Years and beyond weren’t looking like I wanted them to look.  I was hesitant to just jump into classes.  I did not want to feel embarrassed so I was hesitant to go.  The unknown is always uncomfortable.  I needed to feel obligated to show up, which I did with private instruction.

Since seeing Jordan in the studio over the last 2 ½ months I have greatly improved my flexibility, strength and my mental confidence. I have renewed confidence in the way I look. My wobbly arms actually have some definition.

The last and most important of all is that Yoga and Jordan have significantly changed my mental outlook.  I am now taking the time for myself and how I I think of myself. The time to work through….think about my personal issues…. and growths have been significant.”

—Brenda R.